Zombie's Fury 2

Zombie's Fury 2 for Android 1.1.0

Decapitate zombies


  • Great art style
  • Highly simplistic gameplay
  • Killing zombies


  • Only one mode


Zombie's Fury 2 is a simple hack-and-slash game that only requires one thing: cut the heads off zombies.

The gameplay of Zombie's Fury 2 is the most simplistic possible. All players have to do is touch opposing sides of the screen when zombies approach. If they are within the arc of the katana, the only weapon in the game, their heads fly off.

Zombie's Fury 2 keeps track of the amount of zombies killed and which type of zombie is dispatched. As the numbers of fallen undead increase, the game adds more zombies and at quicker speeds. Zombie's Fury 2 quickly becomes twitch-based where players are trying just to survive in the end. Even with the lack of variety, the game has some lasting appeal.

Visually, Zombie's Fury 2 uses a cell-shaded comic book style. The essence of Zombie's Fury 2 is in comic books. The static background is highly detailed and even the moving characters have their own personalities with their limited animation.

Even though the gameplay is overly simple, the game does not suffer than much from it. If Zombie's Fury 2 added more weapons and different zombies types, it could have a longer appeal.

Zombie's Fury 2 is the most basic game ever but it serves its purpose well.

Zombie's Fury 2


Zombie's Fury 2 for Android 1.1.0

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